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Reset your relationship with food.

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My path to NutriJuvenate 

From Healthcare cancer doctor ...

I am passionate about health and happiness.  As a radiation oncologist, I am in my 20th year taking care of patients afflicted with some of the most debilitating conditions, frequently after their bodies have gone seriously awry.  In 2019 I noticed that my own health too had gradually declined.  I was gaining unsupportive weight, my energy level and focus were fading during the day, and my blood pressure was rising.  In short, I was feeling what I thought were the unavoidable effects of aging ...


... to the aha moment ...

Then, just prior to the pandemic, I happened to stumble on a health and lifestyle transformation program called the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge.  I enrolled on a whim and without expectations, but over the course of just 3 months, my relationship with food gradually changed, and my body and mind transformed in remarkable ways.  My anxiety, irritability, and mid afternoon energy slump and brain fog were gone, my clothes were fitting again, and I had to stop my medication because my blood pressure had normalized— I felt twenty years younger!  As a physician I was stunned.  And when I saw the health wins of many of my fellow participants, I knew I had to share the life-changing benefits of the WILDFIT program with others.  I did a deep dive into the nutrition research, the data, the traditionally accepted conclusions, and the standard dietary guidelines  (where they align with the data and where they don’t), the evolution of our patterns of eating and the impact of the food industry,  and the physiology of metabolic syndrome--the root cause of a number of diseases— and became entirely convinced that the key to stemming the tide of the epidemic of chronic conditions and help people feel and function their very best is to help them change when and what they eat in ways that most dietary guidelines,  conventional wisdom, and diet programs have failed...

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... to Self-care Coach.

​As an independent certified WILDFIT coach and armed with my knowledge of the scientific underpinnings of the program, I can help you set a new path that is consistent with your individual starting point and health goals.  This is not a diet but a set of powerful tools to achieve permanent sustainable change in your mindset and lifestyle.   And, it does not require you to count calories or go hungry.   If you are ready to NutriJuvenate, please get in touch to see if we are a good fit.

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Are you ready to NutriJuvenate?

If you want to reclaim, restore, and optimize your health, I can help get you onto a new sustainable trajectory toward feeling and functioning your best.

In WILDFIT, clients reset their relationship with food by learning important principles of human behavior and biology, while significantly ramping up their nutrition through increasingly supportive foods.  The following benefits are possible:

  • optimizing body weight and composition


  • improving sleep

  • increasing energy,  mental clarity and focus--eliminating brain fog

  • achieving metabolic flexibility to burn fat

  • reducing irritability, and eliminating "hangry" episodes

  • achieving food freedom by choosing and eating foods mindfully, and gradually decreasing your taste and cravings for less supportive food 

  • improving digestion

  • decreasing joint and muscle aches, stiffness, and other symptoms of inflammation and possible autoimmunity

  • discovering food sensitivities.

  • reversing metabolic dysfunction and insulin-resistance, the precursor to type 2 diabetes and many other conditions.  Now, more than ever,  it is important to restore metabolic health.

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What's unique about the WILDFIT methodology, and what are some reasons to work with an independent certified WILDFIT Coach?

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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


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