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H.C. age 59 F

"Dr. Cheng’s coaching me through the Wildfit program made it possible for me to reach my heath/fitness goals, and finally make the lifestyle changes I needed to make to improve my health.  From the beginning, I trusted Dr. Cheng not only as a Harvard trained medical doctor, but as someone who had personally gone beyond his traditional medical training to study metabolic nutrition because he wanted to make a difference in the lives of his patients.  I personally witnessed the regained vitality of Dr. Cheng and his wife, Annie, after they had been doing Wildfit for several years and realized these were the types of changes I also needed to make.  When I began Wildfit, I was a fairly healthy, physically active 59 year old woman, but I had noticed my eating habits sometimes bothered my stomach, caused inflammation and often left me feeling full of empty calories rather than nourished.  Step by step, Dr. Cheng and the Wildfit program helped me identify the types of foods that would not cause inflammation and would provide sustainable nutrition for my active lifestyle.  The educational component and coaching provided by Dr. Cheng made me understand for the first time how certain foods were affecting me and motivated me to finally make the lifestyle changes that were necessary for better health.  The best part was I never had to go hungry or feel deprived because the basic premise of Wildfit is to make sure you are always receiving appropriate nutrition.  Doing the 90 day Wildfit challenge gave me the time to form new habits that are now easy for me to maintain.  I could not have made these changes without Dr. Cheng’s coaching me each step of the way.  Thank you Dr. Cheng for the best gift of all - good health!”

EP age 53 F

“I’ve tried different programs in the past and they have worked to help me lose a little weight, but nothing helped me to make a food shift, a habit-a lifestyle change. Then I was introduced to WILDFIT. It eased me into a food shift rather than expecting me to be an expert and relying on my willpower alone. It rolled out the food shift one week at a time, layering my progress. Being coached by Dr. Cheng was amazing, too. He answered ALL of my questions and supported me throughout my journey of change. This was truly a new experience for me. By week 6, only 36 days into the 90-day challenge, I was eating the BEST I have in my adult life and feeling the value of a nutritional diet. I was finally moving toward a healthy lifestyle, free from the addictive food that once ruled my refrigerator and pantry. Now I have delicious meals filled with vegetables. My digestive issues are gone. My blood pressure and blood sugar are in normal range. I've released over 25lbs. My body is glowing! Everyone can see the change! I’m excited about my future health rather than horrified. WILDFIT has also proven to have a positive effect on my family. We all are eating more fruits and vegetables. My diet has never been SO COLORFUL! “

SS age 73 F

"WILDFIT is a program to train in self-care through nutrition.  It emphasizes psychological self-mastery, it sharpens your self-knowledge, raises your consciousness about what you put in your mouth.

My benefits:

Better sleep, better dreams

Reduced arthritis pain, especially at night; stopped using creams and NSAIDs

Reduced joint pain; quit using shoe horn

Noticeable reduction in belly fat

My husband noticed that I no longer snored

Increased physical energy and strength

Clothes fit better

 Gained mental energy which sat dormant for months or weeks or years:  cleaned out mending basket, finished drawings started months ago (as in FINISHED, not discarded or tossed aside!), started memoir (!)

Learned about physiology and nutrition and medicine, like graduate school!

Met some great people

I would recommend WILDFITto anyone who is challenged by medical conditions of any kind.  I was intimidated by the realities of aging I was subject to but, through WILDFIT, I found I could control aspects of those conditions myself.  WILDFIT  teaches me to make food choices based on the body’s need (even during a holiday or a celebration where one may be served unhealthy foods).  The food choices I make today include foods of much higher nutrition content than ever before in my life.

The WILDFIT curriculum is highly structured but it’s organized so that you succeed a little bit every week.  The atmosphere of our meetings is cordial and forgiving.  The lectures consistently offer good advice and encouraging words. "

B.J.B. age 65 F

“I have always struggled with weight. I turned 65 and made the decision to retire. What I saw ahead of me in my upcoming retirement years was concerning. I knew I had to make a change to enjoy my retirement years in a more healthy way. I had tried all diets from Weight Watchers to Nutri Systems, Atkins, Jenny Craig…all of them worked but only temporary.

I have had the honor of working with Dr. Cheng for the last 18 years. We all saw his transformation, and one evening I asked him how he did that after hearing him talk about changing his lifestyle.  He shared his website, and I like what I read.  No calorie counting. No going hungry. No running out of “points” to use when eating. 

Our group undertook this program from October thru December. Yes, tough time to be undergoing this change, but Dr. Cheng took us on a fantastic voyage through WILDFIT.  He taught us how to release weight instead of losing weight. We learned about the physiology of hyperinsulinemia/metabolic syndrome. The program starts in small steps. We were taught to listen to our inner voices when making food choices. Most importantly, we learned what effect would take place inside out bodies when choosing certain foods.

Dr. Cheng was kind and thoughtful with each one of us in our group. We came together from all different backgrounds but he guided us individually and always listened to our up and downs. He was able to offer advice and help us adjust to our choices to help us stay on path.

I walk into the a grocery store now with a whole different outlook. I am constantly reading ingredient labels. I am not a size 2. I did not get a whole new body. I still have my flabs here and there but I am so comfortable in my clothes. I released 26 pounds and have had to buy new clothes items since my old ones just hang on me. I don’t fear going out to dinner because it is now easy to make choices that help me continue on my healthier way of eating. I finally have the tools to continue towards a healthier retirement.

This is the best decision I ever made!! Thanks Dr. Cheng."

I.M. age 58 F

Doing this program with George has brought amazing benefits to my life. I struggled with food cravings and being overweight for many, many years, and after doing WILDFIT for the first time, I was able to succeed not only at releasing some of the weight, but most importantly, I got rid of the inflammation that I've suffered for many years. I liked the fact that WILDFIT addresses a very important part of eating: the emotional one... You are able to eat nutritious food which keeps you full longer, versus eating small portions of unhealthy food and being hungry and having cravings all the time. Listening to my daily dialogue, has helped me make better food choices. I also enjoyed the freedom of food choices.  It feels great to know that there are guidlines, but that you are in charge of your own health!
George is a doctor, so from the beginning I knew I was in good hands. He explains things well, and provides us with very helpful videos, not only from WILDFIT, but whatever can help us in our journey. The zoom meetings were important for me to learn from others and to feel accountable, that's why I just recently joined the Back to Spring class. My son also did the program, and as a young adult, he learned a lot about food and nutrition in general. He has continued living his version of Wildfit as well as me, and I can't really express how grateful I am for George and Wildfit.  They truly changed my life!  Thank you, George and WILDFIT.

J.S. age 51 F

"As I reached my late 40’s, I began to accumulate increased visceral fat. I started developing hypertension, began to snore at night, and chronically felt poorly rested. My nutrition regularly consisted of salads, fruits and vegetables, as well as coffee, dairy, and processed carbohydrates. I tried cleanses, fasts, and diets which resulted in short-lived improvements but were ultimately all to no avail, and I progressively gained more weight and felt worse physically. I became more frustrated and resigned, as my blood pressure and weight crept up. Through a friend who had completed the program, I was introduced to Wildfit and Dr. Cheng. I was nervous but hopeful when I  started the program. With Dr Cheng’s leadership and constant insights, along with step-wise gradual changes that were explained in detail, I began to see measured, steady progress. I lost my cravings for sweet processed food, shed my dependence on caffeine, normalized my blood pressure, “released” abdominal visceral fat, stopped snoring, experienced more energy, fit into my favorite clothes again for the first time in years, and now move much better on the tennis court. I would have never achieved these victories without Dr. Cheng, and they have been life-changing. Moreover, I am healthier and know what to do to stay healthy. If you are like me and are frustrated with your current health, take control of your life and see what Wildfit can do for you under the guidance of an expert physician who is a superb communicator and has done the program himself. I guarantee you will not regret it."

SY age 36 M

           "If someone is looking for an effective way to not just lose weight, but to begin a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend WILDFIT and connect with Dr George Cheng for sure. I was hitting rock bottom in terms of my health coming out of 2020. In early 2021, I was 5 ft 7 inches and over 200 lbs heading toward 210 lbs, and my physical exam and blood work had revealed numerous issues with my body ranging from cardiovascular (high triglycerides, high blood pressure) to digestive organs (acid reflux and liver problems) issues. At the age of 36, I could see myself as a sinking ship with rapidly declining health if I kept to the same lifestyle I've been having. This program has not only shown me how I've been making bad food choices all my life, but George with his patience has led me to understand my relationship with food on a deep psychological and emotional level. It is with both this WILDFIT program and George's help that I was able to stick with habits that I have now. I'm writing this testimonial 2 months after the completion of the 90-day challenge at ~175 lbs and with better prognosis from my physicians. The major win, however, is I've actually changed my habits according to what was taught by WILDFIT and George. The difference this time from other programs  I've tried, is that I know I can do it!"

F.H. age 50 F

"Dr. Cheng, you continue to shine and to inspire., as you seek lifelong learning and healing others. You’ve been the golden key in my metabolic health. I continue to reap the benefits of the lessons learnt, hit and maintaining my target weight long time after, and eager to be a lifer in this tribe!  Grateful times a million! I know what works for me and can easily modify my life experiences to stay on the right path for optimal living through the beauty of food and breathing in calm. I especially loved being under your wing because you catered your teaching to my specific situation with compassion and such amazing intellect. I would refer to you over and over again. Thank you and blessings."

S. W.

"As a nutritionist, I was looking for a coach who had an appreciation for personalized and functional medicines, who was grounded in medical science and who had an understanding of the significant impact that food choices have on public health. George Cheng was the perfect coach for me.  He was compassionate and laser-focused while bringing a sense of ease to our conversations. In addition, he was willing to personalize my program. For me, the 3-month program was a long overdue deep dive into mindful eating. The clever program design kept me guessing "what's next?" and excited about the weekly challenges. It was FUN and it has resulted in sustainable changes.  Like many other participants, I have fewer aches and pains, I am more productive at work and at home, my sleep has improved and I have an abundance of energy. This was a gift to myself and my family.  With gratitude, thanks George!"

A.P. age 49 F

"I have struggled with weight issues my entire life.  I did not realize how my eating habits not only affected my weight, but also had a tremendous impact on the quality of my sleep and increasing inflammation that made it hard for me to move without pain.  George's expert guidance throughout WILDFIT was life changing for me.  He was there each step of the way to help provide insight and wisdom that maximized my success in the program.  The first dramatic change came through sleep: I can't remember the last time I slept so deeply through the night.  I had forgotten what it felt like to be well rested.  Next, the inflammation that I had accepted as part of the aging process slowly disappeared.  I could wake up in the morning without feeling sore and not needing several hours to work out the pain in my back.  Finally, I released the weight.  The difference between this process and the dozens of other diets that I had done was that WILDFIT reshaped both my mind and body.  I no longer crave the same foods that I now know will make me feel sick and cause weight gain.  I finally feel confident that I can make good choices moving forward to allow me to continue my journey towards becoming my best self.  I am grateful for George's dedication, patience, and excellent care.  His attention to detail and ability to listen, process and provide meaningful feedback resulted in my having a tailored experience that has been personal, lasting, and impactful."

E.M. age 62 F

"So...if someone told me that I would give up my sacred morning pot of tea, my dark chocolate at night, and drink a green goo in the morning and love it...I would say, “that ain’t me”! Well...with the incredibly subtle leadership and sage advice of my coach Dr. George Cheng...I did it. I came to Wildfit with the desire to clean up my food and get optimal utilization of what I was putting in my body. If I lost weight, that would be a by-product, not the goal. I did lose weight going from 126 lbs to 113 lbs. A few of my main ailments were trouble sleeping and body pain. Eating in such a clean way eradicated the inflammation which was the driver of the body pain. Eliminating sugar from carbs or chocolate was a huge lift in my ability to sleep well. Another bonus is my energy and focus throughout the day, both dramatically improved. This was all brought about with Dr. Cheng's guidance, he helped me mentally and physically chart “why do I want this food”? “Does it taste really great past bite three”? “Now that I have eaten it, how do I feel”? Pondering these questions and feeling the effects and repercussions of the different food choices I would put my body through, I would take a break from things. I did this for the reason of what it was doing to me, not “‘oh this is bad for me.” I now make healthy choices because I want to feel great. Dr. Cheng has a saying, “nothing tastes as good as good health feels.” I was able to shift because I found Dr. Cheng and the support group very helpful as a whole. I came to understand that this is a journey, not bad or good, just a willingness to be constant for reasons of optimal health and vitality. This is not a diet in the sense of you are on it for 90 days and then shift back to the ways of old. No, this is a lifestyle change that will benefit my body for the rest of my life. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to modify in a small or large way their health and well being. "

E.C.  age 71 M

"I had my annual meeting with Dr. Cheng, my radiation oncologist. During the conversation  I mentioned my uncontrollable weight gain, tiredness, sore joints, and uncontrolled blood  sugar.  We got talking about food and diet, and he suggested I read the link he would send to me. I did and found the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge is what I needed. Eating habits and the psychology of eating. I proceeded to sign-up and Dr. Cheng now became George.  George is so supportive during the 90 day program. Very intelligent, supportive, well read and really easy to dialog with...He instructs you and is truly  concerned about you as an individual and the process learning... The program has changed my life. 

My victories:

Hgb A1C-- 7.5 from 11.2

Fasting Blood Glucose -- 120 from 300's

Weight 200 lbs from 223 lb

I'm off insulin.  I can walk down stairs and not hobble.  Doing yard work on my knees for the first time in decades!"

W.M. age 61 M

"I was very fortunate to have had Dr. George Cheng as my WILDFIT coach during the 90-day challenge. As a Radiation Oncologist, he is taking time out of his busy schedule to coach WILDFIT because he deeply believes in its benefits which include the prevention of cancer. Dr. Cheng’s credentials are hard to beat; MD Harvard Medical School, MS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from MIT.  He really understands physiology from both a biological and engineering perspective. Being an engineer myself, I had many questions that Dr. Cheng answered in a way I could understand. He went out of his way to quickly answer all group member’s questions and he provided a lot of additional resources (recipes, links to research papers, etc.).Prior to the 90-day WildFit challenge, I believed that exercise was the main path to weight loss. I also thought I ate a reasonably healthy diet.  After many years of trying to exercise off the fat around my midsection, at 60 years old I had pretty much given up. Going through the WILDFIT challenge was a complete life changing experience.  Everything I thought I knew about diet was wrong. I lost the fat around my midsection in 8 weeks.  I now have more energy, I sleep better and I have far less aches and pains.  I feel like I’m in my 30s.  Going through the challenge with a coach is greatly beneficial and if you can get Dr. Cheng as a coach, consider yourself very lucky!"

K.B. and D.B.

"When we first started our WILDFIT journey we didn’t know what to expect - we were certain, however, that we were in good hands with George and he made it easy to trust the process.  If you have weight to release or just want to reset your approach to nutrition, meal-planning, and how you actually feel about your relationship with food, George will help you get there and hold you accountable through the process.His medical background and experiential knowledge substantiated the fundamentals of the program in such a way that helped us understand and persevere through the challenge.  We really appreciate how we think about our health, read ingredient labels, and balance the way we feel about our cravings versus real food needs.  Can’t say enough good things about George’s calm ability to guide us practically and effectively through this program. "

S.L. age 57 M

"I have been with WILDFIT from August to November, 2020 with my coach George.  I have to say this is one of the best decisions made in my life. I am a busy healthcare processional, with a lot of stress, bad eating habit with gaining weight, not feeling well in general.  With the program, I have managed to lose 25 pounds within 3 months!  And I am feeling great with lots of energy. There is no more problem falling asleep and I wake up fresh every day. The best part of my experience with the program is that I have the greatest coach on my side. George is very knowledgeable, patient and especially passionate about the program.  Plus, he is a physician (radiation oncology) himself, I felt like I have a private doctor guiding me through the whole program. There will be some changes during the program due to the changes of nutrition intake.  With a doctor in the group, we all feel comfortable dealing with some of the medical and physical changes without worry. George is always available whenever we need him, through E-mail, Face book and Zoom. He remembers everyone’s progress by heart!  Thus, I highly recommend the program to anyone. I am particularly grateful to my coach, Dr. George. This is not a diet program; it is a life-changing journey."

A.M. age 35 M

"George made WILDFIT a very  smooth and easy transition that values a person's psychological and physical health, checking in with me every step of the process. He does an amazing job at balancing the listening to our struggles with food, giving his honest constructive feedback and coming up with solutions. He adapts the plan to each individuals unique needs, all in a way that never feels imposing or restrictive. He has great knowledge of the program, nutrition, and personal experiences of others and his own all of who are on a similar journey. He helped immensely with removing the "diet" and destructive mentality, and instead learn to mindfully focus and add on the  nutrition our body needs. He also does a great job at helping everybody become very aware of their mental and inner verbal dialogues that often run in the background but determine our entire relationship to food and how to change that for the best. Overall working with George was a very positive and transformative experience that really helped me with my own mental and physical habits as it came to food. It's not just about losing weight, but cultivating good core awareness and habits that make health a natural choice, rather than one that feels forced. I would recommend working with him and this program over any other."

R.H. age 60 M

"I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Cheng (George) from opposite ends of the healing spectrum. On the defensive side, George was my radiation oncologist in 2012 and he was instrumental in saving my life. On the proactive side, George introduced me to WILDFIT in 2021, which has significantly improved my life. I was initially skeptical about whether WILDFIT could add any real value as I already felt reasonably fit and believed I was eating well. In retrospect, I knew very little about nutrition and had no idea about how much better I could feel. The knowledge, new habits, and results developed over a three-month commitment to WILDFIT have been remarkable. I didn’t go into the program to lose weight but lost ten pounds the first month. More importantly, my blood pressure has dropped to levels I have never seen before, and my energy level has doubled and is sustainable throughout the day. George was an excellent coach and very generous with his time and knowledge. Overall, the WILDFIT challenge has provided an outstanding return on investment."

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