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Announcements, Updates, and FAQs

1/17/2021 Dr. Cheng attended this virtual Metabolic Health Conference  sponsored by Low Carb USA.

2/19/2021 What causes Type 2 diabetes and can it be predicted, prevented, or reversed?

2/20/2021 Why do most doctors not emphasize nutritional advice?

2/20/2021 NutriJuvenate is proud to support the Charlie Foundation.

4/16/2021 How is the risk of severe COVID-19 illness associated with metabolic syndrome?

5/2/2021 How does the American Diabetes Association advise patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes?

5/2/2021 What is the relationship between insulin resistance, lipid metabolism and profile, and risk of heart disease?

5/2/2021 How could improving metabolic health reduce the risk of heart disease?  What are the most effective dietary strategies?  What is the evidence against red meat?

5/2/2021  How is insulin resistance related to dementia?

5/8/2021  Metabolic syndrome and risk of severe COVID-19 illness

5/21/2021 Metabolic Health and Nutrition--Past, present, and future

5/31/2021 Dr Sarah Hallberg discusses a potential early bio marker for metabolic dysfunction. In the second half of the interview she talks about her personal journey with lung cancer.

5/31/2021 Is cancer driven by poor blood glucose dysregulation, insulin resistance and metabolic dysfunction.

5/31/2021 Is cancer a metabolic disease?

5/31/2021 How might the cell micro environment affect whether cells become cancerous?

6/1/2021 What causes PCOS and how can it be reversed?

7/10/2021  A case report demonstrating that a short course of therapeutic carbohydrate reduction can reverse type II diabetes with relatively little weight loss.

9/4/2021 Dr. Cheng attended the virtual Low Carb USA conference in San Diego.

9/27/2021 Dr. Cheng received accreditation from the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners.

1/16/2022 Dr. Cheng attended virtual Low Carb USA conference.

3/26/2021  Dr. Cheng attended the 2nd Annual World Nutrition Summit.

5/8/2022 Dr. Cheng attended the 5th annual Metabolic Health Summit 

5/16/2022 Reversing Type 2 Diabetes and deprescribing medications.  Watch interview with Dr. Bhakti Paul.

9/1/2022 Dr. Cheng received WILDFIT Back to Spring Certification

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