More about NutriJuvenate and Dr. Cheng

A Unique Philosophy

As a cancer doctor, I am often asked, "What should I be eating to avoid cancer?"  In the past, my advice would be based on commonly accepted national guidelines and dogma. "Just eat a balanced diet." 
Eat in moderation" Or "Follow the Food Pyramid guidelines."    The broader question is, has conventional wisdom kept people healthy?  The short answer in my mind is No.  Through the WILDFIT Challenge, I was awakened to the concept that the human body can heal and thrive both structurally and functionally when given the optimal resources.  NutriJuvenate was started with the mission of helping people finally get onto a new sustainable path through fundamentl mindset and lifestyle change.

-- Founder NutriJuvenate

—Independent Certified WILDFIT Coach

—Proud supporter of these non-profit organizations dedicated to helping people restore metabolic health and address chronic conditions through optimal nutrition:

Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners (Founding Member)

Low Carb USA

The Charlie Foundation

-- Member  ​Diet Doctor

-- Radiation Oncologist

Ridley Tree Cancer Center

   MD, Harvard

    PhD, MIT